Wraysbury is an inland dive site near Heathrow airport. Its a reasonably popular stop for us here at Adur BSAC. We use it quite a lot for taking our novice members on some of there first open water dives as Wraysbury only has a max depth of around 12-15 meters.

Its got plenty of facilities including a compressor for air and a kitchen that sells food and hot drinks (the food is pretty damn good too). I find that its especially enjoyable in the summer as your dive group can gather around the picnic tables after a dive and relax with a well earned tea and bacon sandwich.

Conversely, the summer brings a lot of people and a lot of people stirs up alot of silt! lots of novice divers crashing into the lake bed makes for some pretty bad visibility but at least you can sign off your ‘low vis dive’.

When you can see there is quite a lot to look at though. A couple of our favourite in-water attractions that we always visit are; the London black cab, the VW Van, The Dragon boat and the bus. Even though we’ve dived there a fair bit, we still havent seen everything… all the more reason to go back. And there’s more than enough dive platforms at various depths to practice skills.

There’s always a good atmosphere about the site and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. All in all, a pretty good diving experience

Check out more at their site: http://www.wraysbury.ws/